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"Well," says Alleluia. "It's plain we can't stop you."

"Yes. But I'd like if it you could help me. You've had two decades to talk to the ship, knowing what it is. And two decades to think of all the ways to break the news to the rest of the world. You can tell me where to look, what to ask, you've had many opportunities to think of consequences I'll need to patch after going public."

"For one thing, it will destroy the legitimacy of the office of the Archangel," says Alleluia. "I don't know whether you plan to take that job or not. I suppose the ship will name anyone you tell it to, now."

"I have nothing against Linus. He's doing his best, and his best is good," says Isabella. "Whether I succeed him will depend on what happens in the next fifteen years. But you're right, people think he rules by divine right, they won't be particularly swayed by the fact that he was chosen by a process that has gotten us this far with only a handful of bad eggs on the way and determine that he's worth continuing to obey for that reason."
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